The Cuban experience with a personal touch

Premier Travel Services is a company in Fort Lauderdale that specializes in people-to-people travel to Cuba with small groups. Founded by Carlos Cortiñas — himself a proud Cuban — in 2014, PTS shows Americans the way of life in Cuba in the most personal way possible, without feeling like a tour.


Complete branding and marketing

Karel helped build Premier Travel with a complete brand and marketing strategy. Starting with the colorful logo, PTS needed an identity that is uniquely Cuba, while being both friendly and elegant. The result is a logo that’s unmistakably travel-oriented and gives an immediate impression of what this company is all about.

The entire presence is managed by Felipemark. This includes the website, logo, advertising, brand style, social media, print materials, and every facet of the brand. Explore Premier Travel Services at


The website

As with any business, it was important to have an effective website. The PTS website was designed to be elegant in design and showcase many beautiful pictures from Cuba. There’s a focus not just on pictures, but on the uniqueness of this travel service — that is, the boutique experience. Like every modern website, this site is completely mobile-friendly and looks just as good on a smartphone or tablet as it does on a computer. With a large share of internet usage on mobile devices, it was necessary to create a responsive, mobile-friendly website. Whether on mobile or desktop, the call-to-action is immediate, navigation is easy, and contacting the company to book a trip is easy to find.





A unique part of our branding effort was the photography. Karel was fortunate to travel to Cuba with PTS to take some photos and get a firsthand experience to aid in building the Premier Travel brand. The results were spectacular. From capturing the life in the streets of Havana, to the old world feel of Viñales, photos taken for the website by Karel and guests give PTS a chance to show potential clients what one will feel when going to Cuba. Of course, not just any photos make it to the website or marketing materials. Only the best are selected, then retouched, color corrected and filtered by Felipemark to ensure each image looks professional.